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Specializes in R & D, manufacturing and sales of photoelectric sensing and measuring products



Wuhan YG Optics Technology Co., Ltd.

   Wuhan YG Optics Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises, engaged in the photoelectric sensing and measurement products. The company is located in the Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone. Based on the advanced optical OTDR sensingtunable opticsspectral detection technology, the company provides optoelectronic equipment and servicessuch as varies of optical sensors and sensing instruments, spectral modules, portable spectrometers. Our products can serve in many application areas, such as the power, petroleum and petrochemical, communications, security, environmental and health monitoring.

    There is an advanced and experienced R&D team in YG Optics. The leader and the mainly members of the team are working in the optical sensing, spectral analysis and other related fields for many years, with a wealth of photoelectric product design and application experience, and with strong optical fiber sensing development capabilities. YG Optics is an innovative company, and has strong ability in researching and  manufacturing.

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