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DTS Sensing System



System Overview

DTS system is mainly aimed at the demand of the real-time temperature monitoring in Power industry. Based on the advanced distributed fiber sensing technology, it realizes the real-time temperature monitoring of the high-voltage cable terminals, joint running state and other high-voltage equipment. It can identify the problems in advance and will greatly reduce the accident rate of the power equipment. Then the power supply department can have a planned power outage overhaul to reduce the economic loss caused by the sudden power outage.


System Benefits

◆  System structure is simple;

◆  The fiber has the characteristics of electrical insulation, intrinsic safety and anti-electromagnetic interference, which is very suitable for fire monitoring of power equipment;

◆  It can realize the long-range continuous real-time temperature monitoring, and accurately measure the temperature value of any point along the fiber without blind area;

◆  Sensitive to the temperature changing, providing early detection and warning of abnormal hot spots;

◆  High reliability, high sensitivity and high precision.

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