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1310nm FP Coaxial single mode laser diode with fiber pigtail

1310nm FP Coaxial single mode laser diode with fiber pigtail 
  • 1310nm MQW-FP Uncooled chip
  • G652 Single-mode optic  Fiber pigtail output  with a FC/PC  connector
  • 0~70℃ operation temperature range
  • Adapt to ROHS specification
2. Applications
  • Test System Light Source
  • OTDR
3. Absolute Maximum Ratings(TAmbient=25±5℃)


4. Electrical/OpticalCharacteristics (TAmbient=25±5℃)

5.Definition of package dimensions and pins
6. Attentions
  • This product is an electrostatic sensitive device, please operate in the electrostatic protection area and ensure that the tools directly contacted with the device have been grounded in standard; improper operation and use will cause permanent and irreversible damage to the product.
  • This product has optical interface. After testing and using, please wear dust cap.
  • When this product is in live-wire operation, please do not directly irradiate the light on the eyes or skin, in order to avoid burns. 


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