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Fiber-Optic Distributed Vibration Sensor

The Fiber-Optic Distributed Vibration Sensor (DVS-YG100) is a high-tech product which integrates with the light sensing, optical transmission, computer and photoelectric control. The sensor obtains the environment vibration and the spatial position information through the coherent demodulation of the Rayleigh scattering signal in the fiber.
   DVS is suitable for long-range, large-scale and harsh environments. The advantages are as follows:
●  Continuous, real-time, long-distance measurements;
  Simultaneously monitoring multiple vibration events and locating accurately;
●  High sensitivity, Fast response;
●  Suit for the applications in the flammable, explosive, strong electromagnetic interference and other harsh environment;
●  Using the installed communication cable, Simple installation.
  Ultra-large dynamic range detection technology;
●  High linearity fidelity signal;
●  High sensitivity photoelectric detection technology;
●  Technology of laser Coherence enhancement;
●  High-precision linear signal detection technology.
  Anti-damage monitoring of oil and gas pipelines;
●  Long-distance perimeter security monitoring;
  Deepwater wells monitoring, oil and gas reserves detection;
  Oil and gas exploration.
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