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Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensor

The Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS-YG100) is a high-tech product which integrates with optical sensing, optical transmission, computer and photoelectric control. The sensor obtains spatial temperature and location information by the demodulation of Raman scattering signal in fiber.
DTS has the following advantages:
  Fiber is both a sensor and a transmission medium, the system structure is simple;
  Realizing long-range continuous real-time temperature monitoring;
  Fiber has the characteristics of electrical insulation, intrinsic safety and anti-electromagnetic interference, therefore it is very suitable for fire detection of power equipment;
  The installation position is flexible.
  Advanced optical pulse control and detection technology, high spatial resolution accuracy;
  Compact structure;
 Embedded control and equipment status self-diagnosis;
  Low power consumption;
●  Wide operating temperature;
  High reliability, high sensitivity, high accuracy .
  Power cable fire detection;
  Substation fire detection;
  Pipelines leak detection;
●  Coal storage bunker fire detection;
  Belt conveyor fire detection.

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